Breakdown of Runs for Fiscal Year 2016

The numbers are in!  For fiscal year 2016, the members of Centerville Fire/Rescue responded to a total of 476 calls for service.  Here is a breakdown of those calls.

Residential Structure Fires:  9

Commercial Structure Fires:  1

Out Building Fires:  0

Brush/Grass/Trash Fires:  7

Car Fires:  1

Commercial Vehicle Fires:  3

Farm Equipment Fires:  0

Other Vehicle Fires:  0

Accident/Unstable Vehicle:  5

Accident/Personal Injury:  43

Medical Emergency:  321

Chemical Spill or Leak:  6

Weather Emergency:  0

Bomb Threat:  0

False Alarm:  6

Accidental Alarm Trip:  7

Mistaken Identity:  5

Investigation:  28

CO Investigation:  5

Other Call Type:  9

Of these calls, 20 were mutual aide calls where CF/R responded with the jurisdictional department.

Fiscal Year 2016 Comes to a Close

CF/R's 2016 fiscal year comes to a close on November 30, 2016.  If you have kept up with our activities this year, you can tell our department has been VERY active.  As of November 20, we have responded to 469 calls for service.  This includes responses for structure fires, vehicle fires and collisions, multiple medical runs, and to assist other agencies and fire departments.

We have also been very busy "behind the scenes" with our training and other activities.  Did you know, members of CF/R meet nearly every Monday night?  We have our business meeting and 2-3 training sessions every month.  Two of the trainings are dedicated to fire service training.  The third training is reserved for EMS training which is switched with clean-up every other month.  These are just our normally scheduled activities every year.

We also have provided coverage for the Centerville High School athletic events and graduation, and for Centerville Archway Days.  We have also participated in multiple parades.  The Wayne County Firefighters Association also holds meetings and trainings for our members to attend.  Our department also participates in the IVFA convention and district meetings every year.  Each year, we also hold classes for Rose Hamilton and Centerville-Abington Elementaries for Fire Prevention Week.

Members of CF/R also assist the Centerville Fire Department Auxiliary for their fundraisers, which include the Chicken Noodle Dinner in the spring and the Soup Supper in the fall.  For the last 4 years, Centerville Fire/Rescue, along with the Centerville Police Department has held the annual Holiday Food Drive.  Each year that we have done the food drive, we have been able to provide more meals for our community during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

These are just some of the activities that your volunteer firefighters participate in.  We have put in countless hours to stay up-to-date on firefighting and medical procedures to provide professional assistance to our community members in their time of need.  We have also put in countless hours to provide positive public relations with our community.

We hope this gives a small insight into your Centerville Fire/Rescue.  To find out more, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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For fiscal year 2016, we have made 476 calls for service for fiscal year 2016 (started in December 2015).  We just started our new year on December 1, 2016.

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Recent Calls
Sun. Dec 4th 2016
0620 - 602 Poplar Avenue - Responding units:  Engine 12 - 4 Personnel; Rescue 16 - 2 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel.  Run #007
Sat. Dec 3rd 2016
1920 - 145 Westbound Interstate 70 Highway - Responding units:  Engine 11 - 4 Personnel; Rescue 16 - 2 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel; Red Line EMS; Wayne County Sheriff's Department.  Run #006
Sat. Dec 3rd 2016
1736 - 208 South Mineral Springs Road - Responding units:  Grass 14 - 2 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel.  Run #005
Sat. Dec 3rd 2016
1623 - 703 East Main Street - Responding units:  Command 19 - 3 Personnel.  Run #004
Sat. Dec 3rd 2016
1439 - 703 East Main Street - Responding units:  Squad 15 - 4 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel; Red Line EMS; Wayne County Sheriff's Department; Centerville Police Department.  Run #003
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