CF/R says thank you to neighboring departments

Centerville Fire/Rescue responded to a residential structure fire in the 9300 block of Colvin Road at 0618, Saturday, February 11.  CF/R would like to express our thanks to the following services for providing assistance on our scene.  Cambridge City Fire Department, Abington Fire Department, and Greens Fork Fire Department all provided manpower and tankers, using approximately 7600 gallons of water.  Centerville Police Department and Wayne County Sheriff's Department provided scene safety and traffic control during the early stages.  Whitewater Valley REMC shutdown the electricity to the residence involved.  We would like to thank all of these responders for their assistance.  THANK YOU!

The work is not done until everything is cleaned up and put away!

We aren't done until the equipment has been cleaned, checked, and put away.  This includes filling SCBA bottles and checking the air packs, to cleaning and stowing our turnout gear, to cleaning the hose before we put it back on the truck.  Here are a few of the firefighters cleaning the hose used at the structure fire on February 11th.

Battalion Chief Darin Aughe retires after 30 years on CF/R!

Centerville Fire/Rescue would like to wish Battalion Chief Darin Aughe congratulations on your retirement!  Darin has served on the department for 30 years.  In those 30 years, Darin has touched so many lives.  He's been there for some of the darkest times in a person's life, and some of the brightest moments.  He has trained a multitude of new firefighters and emergency medical personnel.  He has served on this department with his father, Nick Aughe, and has served along side his son, Andy Aughe.  We want to wish Darin and his wife Angie all the best as you soon start the next chapter of your lives!  Thank you, Darin!!  To hear the retirement call from Wayne County Emergency Communications. 

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Centerville Fire/Rescue has been busy so far this year!

As of 1700 hours, Saturday, February 11, Centerville Fire/Rescue has responded to a total of 113 calls for service.

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For fiscal year 2016, we have made 476 calls for service for fiscal year 2016 (started in December 2015).  We just started our new year on December 1, 2016.

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Recent Calls
Sat. Feb 11th 2017
0711 - 519 West Water Street - Responding units:  Rescue 16 - 2 Personnel.  Run #114
Sat. Feb 11th 2017
0618 - 9372 Colvin Road - Responding units:  Engine 12 - 5 Personnel; Tanker 13 - 2 Personnel; Squad 15 - 3 Personnel; Rescue 16 - 2 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel; Cambridge City Fire Department; Abington Fire Department; Greens Fork Fire Department; Red Line EMS; Centerville Police ...
Fri. Feb 10th 2017
1439 - 303 Linden Drive - Responding units:  Squad 18 - 2 Personnel; Red Line EMS; Centerville Police Department.  Run #110
Thu. Feb 9th 2017
1824 - 705 East Main Street - Responding units:  Squad 15 - 2 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel; Red Line EMS.  Run #112
Thu. Feb 9th 2017
1741 - 3301 Northwest B Street - Responding units:  Squad 15 - 2 Personnel; Red Line EMS.  Run #111
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