Centerville Fire/Rescue Auxiliary Says Thank You!

Thank you to everyone that came out to support us last night at the Chicken Noodle Dinner. It was a GREAT turn out. This was probably one of our best turn outs in a long time! It's great to see the support our town has! We are so very thankful for every one of you!

Sparky Visits the Auxiliary's Chicken Noodle Dinner

Sparky the Fire Dog came to visit the Chicken Noodle Dinner on Saturday, March 18th.  Saturday marked his 66th birthday, or 462 Dog Years!  He also helped to get everyone's attention to stop by and get some good food!  He still has some good moves!  Check out a video from his visit here!

Centerville Fire/Rescue Hosts the Centerville Town Council

On Tuesday, March 14th, CF/R played host to the Centerville Town Council for their March Council Meeting.  During the meeting Fire Chief Dennis Spears presented Cadet Jeremiah Cromis an Award of Excellence. Cadet Cromis assisted with gathering all medical equipment needed for an emergency at the Centerville High School Gym and assisted arriving EMS units to the location of the emergency without hesitation. We congratulate Cadet Cromis on his performance.

Want to become a Cadet with us?

We are always looking for new Cadets.  Think you have what it takes?  Check out our Cadets page!!!

Centerville Fire/Rescue has been busy so far this year!

As of 1230 hours, Sunday, March 19, Centerville Fire/Rescue has responded to a total of 175 calls for service.

Apply Online!

For fiscal year 2016, we have made 476 calls for service for fiscal year 2016 (started in December 2015).  We just started our new year on December 1, 2016.

Want to become a member of Centerville Fire/Rescue?  We are looking for dedicated individuals to join our department!  Please click on the application link in the menu to fill out your application today!

Recent Calls
Sun. Mar 12th 2017
1055 - 311 Mulberry Boulevard - Responding units:  Squad 15 - 4 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel; Red Line EMS.  Run #165
Sun. Mar 12th 2017
0539 - 4139 Royal Oak Drive - Responding units:  Squad 18 - 2 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel; Red Line EMS.  Run #164
Fri. Mar 10th 2017
1928 - 142 Westbound Interstate 70 Highway - Responding units:  Engine 11 - 5 Personnel; Rescue 16 - 2 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel; Wayne County Sheriff's Department; Centerville Police Department; Red Line EMS.  Run #163
Thu. Mar 9th 2017
2300 - 5802 Nolands Fork Road - Responding units:  Squad 18 - 3 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel; Red Line EMS.  Run #162
Thu. Mar 9th 2017
2118 - 5247 West National Road - Responding units:  Squad 15 - 3 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel; Red Line EMS; Centerville Police Department.  Run #161
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