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Members of Centerville Volunteer Fire Department in 1954.  Pictured are (left to right):  Bob Pike, Bill Darnell, Paul Jones, Oren Miller, Charlie Kinder, Ivan King, Phil Miles, Harold Schondelmayer, Verl Palmer, and John Disbro.  Picture is courtesy of Jim Darnell, son of Bill Darnell.  Thank you, Jim!!

Here is a picture of CVFD from 1964.  Picture is courtesy of Ron Kinder, son of Charlie Kinder.  Thank you, Ron!!  Apparatus pictured is Engine 11, a 1959 Ford, favorite engine of Firefighter Charlie Kinder!

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Recent Calls
Sat. Sep 19th 2015
1102 - West US 40 & Woody Drive - Responding units:  Engine 12 - Batt. Chief Morgan, Capt. McDonald, Lt. Hill, J. Martin; Grass 14 - Asst. Chief Pardo; Rescue 16 - M. Cromis, A. Aughe; Spirit Ambulance, Richmond Fire Department, Indiana State Police Department.  Run #458
Sat. Sep 19th 2015
1101 - Round Barn Road & Gates Road - Responding units:  Engine 11 - Lt. Hill, W. Stoflet; Centerville Police Department, Richmond Police Department, Richmond Fire Department.  Run #457
Fri. Sep 18th 2015
2315 - 9702 West US 40 - Responding units:  Squad 15 - Asst. Chief Pardo, M. Cromis, B. Hampton, K. Branson; Command 19 - Chief Spears; Spirit Ambulance.  Run #456
Fri. Sep 18th 2015
1711 - 405 North First Street - Responding units:  Squad 18 - M. Cromis, K. Branson; Command 19 - Chief Spears; Spirit Ambulance, Centerville Police Department.  Run #455
Fri. Sep 18th 2015
1002 - 517 West Sycamore Street - Responding units:  Squad 18 - Batt. Chief Morgan, A. Smith, K. Branson; Spirit Ambulance.  Run #454
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