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Thank you Troop 16's Honor Guard!!

On Saturday, June 18th, representatives from the Indiana Archives and Records Administration held ceremonies to remember the 200th anniversary of Indiana's Constitutional Delegation.  With Jim Corridan officiating from the IARA, the ceremonies were held at the grave sites of Reverend Hugh Cull and Joseph Holman, resting in Elkhorn Cemetery in Richmond.  A ceremony was also held at the memorial park in Cambridge City for Patrick Beard.  These three gentlemen were part of our state's delegation from Wayne County.  Jeremiah Cox, also a delegate from Wayne County, was recognized earlier in the day at a ceremony held in Winchester, where he is buried.

Local residents were in attendance for the ceremonies.  Also at the ceremonies in Richmond and Cambridge City was the Honor Guard from Boy Scout Troop 16 in Centerville.  The Honor Guard held flag ceremonies and led those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jim Corridan takes two flags with him to each ceremony for our delegation.  Those flags are the United States Flag and the Indiana State Flag that were flown over the state capitol rotunda on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th.

CF/R's Tammy Smith wins 2016 IVFA Angel Award

Indiana Volunteer Firefighter's Association held their annual convention at Belterra Casino on June 15-17, 2016.  During the convention, Centerville Fire/Rescue's own Tammy Smith, Firefighter/EMR, was recognized as this year's Angel Award recipient.

Requirements for the award:  The nominee must be a current Paid Female member of the IVFA with at least 5 years of service.  The nominee must be involved with fire service, fire prevention, and community service.  Nominations must be made by February 1st.

The award will be presented at the IVFA convention opening meeting by the IVFA President and the State Fire Marshall or an appointee representing the burn camp.  There will be a minimum of a $100.00 gift to the Hoosier Burn Camp in the recipient's honor.

CF/R would like to say congratulations to Tammy Smith on receiving this award!!

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Recent Calls
Sun. Jun 19th 2016
1807 - 6884 West US 40 Highway - Responding units:  Squad 15 - 3 Personnel; Red Line EMS.  Run #262
Sun. Jun 19th 2016
1845 - 705 East Main Street - Responding units:  Squad 18 - 2 Personnel; Red Line EMS.  Run #263
Sun. Jun 19th 2016
1659 - 405 North First Street - Responding units:  Squad 18 - 2 Personnel; Red Line EMS; Centerville Police Department; Wayne County Sheriff's Department.  Run #261
Sun. Jun 19th 2016
0803 - 703 Poplar Avenue - Responding units:  Squad 15 - 3 Personnel; Command 19 - 1 Personnel; Red Line EMS; Wayne County Sheriff's Department; Centerville Police Department.  Run #260
Sat. Jun 18th 2016
1111 - 5098 North State Route 1 Highway - Responding units:  Engine 11 - 3 Personnel; Squad 18 - 1 Personnel; Cambridge City Fire Department; Hagerstown Fire Department; Milton Fire Department.  Cambridge City's run.  Run #259
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